100 Items About the Museum and Huddersfield – 91 to 100

91. Safe Driving Medals.

The Safe Driving Medals were awarded to Fred Sykes, a bus driver with Huddersfield Corporation. These medals were awarded by the Royal society for the Prevention of Accidents.

This organisation was founded in 1916 because of the worrying amount of traffic accidents on the roads. RoSPA campaign for a ‘life free of serious accidental injury’. To this end they promote the exchange of skills and knowledge to reduce serious accidental injuries. They run schemes to teach children and adults road safety.

92. Turbo.

This display engine was made to demonstrate the engineering expertise of Cummins, formally Holset of St Andrews Road, Huddersfield. It is a turbocharger, a rubber damper and an air compressor. The Holset turbo chargers are leaders in their field and purchased by leading engine customers world wide. They can be found in vehicles ranging from highway trucks to Paris – Daker rally racers. The turbo charger compresses more air flowing into the engine’s cylinder to generate more power and improve the engine’s efficiency. This gives better fuel economy and reduces emissions. Transport Galley, Tolson Museum.

93. Butterflies.

This is a selection of the George Porrit’s (1848 – 1927) butterfly and moth collection. George Porrit was the first person to collect Yorkshire’s butterfly and moth species and list them systematically. The Porrit Collection is an important collection and includes other groups of insects including dragonflies, damsel flies, grasshoppers and caddis flies. He published the lists in 1883 and 1886. Kirklees Museum and Gallery Service holds over 80,000 insects in the Porrit collection. Tolson Museum

94. The Lindley Omnibus.

A wonderful photograph of people travelling on local public transport. The horse drawn omnibus was a large enclosed and sprung vehicle with benches going down each side and , as you can see, seats upstairs, but in the open. This was the main form of public transport providing local services from the 1820s to the introduction of trams in the early 20th Century. Look carefully at this picture. How many horses are there? Transport Gallery, Tolson Museum.